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2024 4月 9
於4月18日SMU新加坡管理大學專題演講—Breaking into a career in Data Science

專題演講Topic—Breaking into a career in Data Science

專題演講Topic| Breaking into a career in Data Science & MITB Introduction
主講人| 新加坡管理大學資訊系統(實務)副教授暨MITB學程Tan Kar Way主任
Speaker| Prof. Tan Kar Way (Singapore Management University)
               Information Systems (Practice)

日期 | 2024年4月18日(四)
Date | 18th April, 2024 (Thursday)
時間 | 13:20~14:10
Time | 13:20~14:10
地點 | 國立臺灣師範大學綜合大樓5樓509國際會議廳 (圖書館校區)
Location| NTNU General Building 5F Room 509 (Main Library Campus)

Greetings to our graduate program students from the College of Management, as well as fourth-year and third-year students from the Department of Business Administration. We encourage all of you to actively engage in participation!