JobTitle Name Phone E-mail Responsibilities
Secretary HUANG, Jing-Hui 02-7749-3293 1.Integration of department affairs
2.College faculty recruitment, evaluation, and promotion
3.Other assigned tasks
Secretary HUNG, Yi-Ching 02-7749-3297 1.Department of Business Administration affairs
2.Integration of department affairs
Secretary HSU, Yen-Chi 02-7749-3296 1.Graduate Institute of Management affairs
2.Integration of department affairs
Secretary CHEN, Yi-Jung 02-7749-3289 1.Graduate Institute of Global Business and Strategy affairs
2.Integration of department affairs
Accreditation Manager WU, Cheng-Yi 02-7749-3295 1. AACSB accreditation affairs
2. Collegiate international affairs
Secretary LEE, Ting-Hsuan 02-7749-3190 1.Collegial international affairs
2.Alumni coordination and events
3.Higher Education Sprout Project affairs
Secretary Chen, Yi-Ching 02-7749-3290 EMI Project affairs
Project Manager CHUANG, Shu-Hui 02-7749-3300 EMBA affairs
Secretary HU, YU-CHIN 02-7749-3311 EMBA affairs
Secretary KUO, Hsiao-Ying 02-7749-3292 EMBA affairs
Project Manager Opening 02-7749-5936 GF-EMBA affairs
Secretary WANG, Yue-Tong 02-7749-3084 GF-EMBA affairs