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2024 4月 8
新進教師演說系列-周佳敏老師 New Faculty keynote seminar series II- Assistant Professor Sophia Chou


Topic: Ethical Leadership: How to Sustain Moral Motivation
When Good is Repaid with Bad & When the Ideal of Sages Seems Unattainable?

主講人:周佳敏 專案助理教授 
Speaker: Prof. Chia_Min (Sophia) Chou

時間:2024年4月12日 周五
Time: Friday, 12th April, 2024
地點:雲和教室508 (雲和街1號)
Location: Yun 508 (No.1 YunHe St.)

主辦單位| 臺師大管理學院 
Organize: College of Management